When the younger generation sees reason.

•March 27, 2008 • 4 Comments

And I send a big hats off to bloggers like Morinn, Jessica and Koonul for voicing out their indignation regarding the heavy rain and floods we saw in the past days in Mauritius after the passage of the tropical depression Lola. Our decision-makers failed to take the relevant decisions which resulted in the loss of many lives and not even one person concerned showed any sign of regret, shame or sadness regarding this heavy mistake. I wish the souls of those who lost their lives rest in peace.


The next best thing

•March 20, 2008 • 3 Comments

Yo arenophiles. Frak, I just realised I am the only arenophile here. Well never mind. So I was hanging around as usual when I thought why not dust around this blog and give it a little life? So here comes a post. I am glad to see I can still write so far. lol

So why the next best thing? That’s because it’s the first thing that comes to my mind right now. I am a very impressionable person. Does impressionable even exist? I wonder, perhaps you could tell me. I mean by impressionable that I am impressed easily. You want an example? Let me limit myself to blogging. I see all the young students and teenagers blogging and letting go of their creativity everyday even though they have class works to complete and I look at myself and think how much I waste my time watching matches and eating junks. I need to move and be creative. Even if it is junk creativity. Wotcha think, huh? So I’ll say you kids rock. I know how you must be feeling in class, in the bus or anywhere else when you are offline. That sense of owning something, of being the centre of a small but fulfilling community. According to me that is what makes blogging so special to so many people. You feel you have a second life and I think you gain some respect when you mention your blog, don’t you?

This is a great feeling I presume and I hope to feel it soon. 😀


•February 16, 2008 • 4 Comments

There is a song I like in which there are the following lines:

When you are with me, I’m free
I’m careless, I believe
Above all the others we’ll fly

That’s the first thing I thought when Freedom was chosen as MBB’s theme of the week. Afterall, the idea of freedom is very subjective. Not everyone has the same definition of freedom. Freedom is a very vast and abstract concept.

For me freedom means being with her. I know I hide it, I have never been able to express it. She is not just another girl, I have realised this. She completes me in so many ways, letting me be who I am with my qualities and faults. Call this a late valentine gift . If ever you are reading this (I know you will), I want you to know that I am sorry. We are not just friends. No one will ever be like you. You see I have dedicated a whole MBB theme to you. I love you…

Now, to all my friends from MBB reading this, don’t laugh. I am just trying to repair a mistake 😛

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•February 6, 2008 • 2 Comments
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It has been 1 whole month since I have not been in contact with the sea and 1 and a half month since I’ve gone diving. I am having withdrawal effects. At night I dream of being under the sea and during the day I love the sight of water, any water, even bottled water. I think tomorrow would be a great day! Tomorrow I will be free from work and I would go swimming, diving if I’m lucky.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I wish you all a happy spring festival. Kung Shee Fat Choy! 😛

7 Best Assets of Mauritius

•January 29, 2008 • 11 Comments

Mauritius is called the paradise island for a reason. It’s natural beauty is captivating. For my participation on MBB‘s theme seven, I will write about the islands top seven assets. This will be my opinion of course.

  1. The beaches
    Mauritian beaches are the loveliest in the world and that is mainly what draws many tourists to come to the island every year. Have a look for youself. Beach in mauritius Image source: 3dgolf.com
  2. The weather
    The weather is perfect in Mauritius. We have only two seasons; summer and winter. Summer is warm and often accompanied by rains and cyclones and winter is cool but never too cold. Any season is perfect for outings and any outdoor activities. rainbow in mauritius
    Image source: nationalgeographic.com
  3. The greenery
    Some places of Mauritius are covered with dense forest and indigenous plants. Those places are ideal for explorations and walks. Scientists often come to the island to study those plants.

    Image source: threebestbeaches.com
  4. The people
    Mauritians are kind and helpful. They can be relied on to help tourists and to give them hospitality. Our kindness is legendary!
  5. The infrastructures
    Mauritius is an ideal place for shopping. Many shopping malls are available for this purpose. An example is the Caudan Waterfront.
  6. The food
    Mauritian food is inspired from oriental, European, Chinese and African cuisine. Those type of cuisines are often blended together to produce unique dishes.
  7. Safety
    Mauritius is a safe island. There is no war or riots.

In my opinion those are the 7 assets which make Mauritius a wonderful place. There are much more reasons, but I had to limit to only 7. 😉

About me and the blog

•January 29, 2008 • 2 Comments

An arenophile (also called psammofile) is one who collects sand samples, the interest of the hobby lying in the variety of texture, colour, mineralogy and location. (Source: Wikipedia)

I am not a sand collector. I just liked the word. But my life and interest has something to do with sands.

My name is Avinash and I live in the North of Mauritius in a village called Grand Bay. My interests include swimming, beach volley, diving and kayaks.